Today’s PT involves my bike Aladdin. All the way bummy but the game is always heavy. #deployment #ridingaroundandgettingit #pt #offduty


I had such an incredible hair cut & color session w/@shaiamiel at the capellasalon. After my curl transformation I shared w/him this poem:

"Sisterhood of the Curly Cartel"

Somewhere in America
Perhaps this very moment,
A curl is dying.
Every hydrated ounce is
Sometimes held hostage
We launch chemical warfare
On the very essence of our spirit:
Wild, free, unbridled-
Under the bitter oppressive dictate
of the hot iron thumb
Brown girls take iron to hand
Hand to fist
Heat to hair and
Make tresses play a cacophony of sounds that string flat.
Teased into philharmonic plucked “perfection”
We spend hours
Attacking goddess given coils with
Hot oils and sprays
Sizzling spirals
Fighting the very parts of ourselves
That makes us fierce, fabulous and ferocious.
We press and curl
Our naturals
Ignoring dna’d intention
Losing aspects of self
That make us uniquely us;
Kinky, quirky, coily, beautiful
In a world dead-set on erasure
We often forget
Our natural hair is more miracle than monster.
More majesty than mediocre
A magnificently marvelous mane of a crown
Bestowed atop the peak of our heads.
Convinced of foreign standards,
Didn’t you know brown is the new blue
Breedlove? breathe Love
Find what works for you specifically
Move from straight laced margins to curled and proud center,
Remembering the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,
Or his standards of beauty.
Embrace your own.
And though their eyes may very well be the bluest
Your eyes are watching God
Shining in the curled resistance colored girls once dreamed of
When the rainbow was finally enuf
We are born of a tradition of natural haired womyn warriors;
Fist in the air, pen on the pad, curls in the breeze
So stop cowering away from sprinkles of misplaced moisture
And baptize your strands in saturated self-love.
Our hair has been made slave under the hot iron dictate for far too long.
Remember the grass is greenest where you water it
(And moisturize with Devacurl)
So break down those straight shackles, and bounce freely beloved curls.
From this day forward I’ll be
Proudly rockin’ this uncontrollable
Garland of “good hair”
With these ringlet, wreaths of freedom
Shouting from the mountaintop
Gather round dear sisters
The truth no longer secret
The sisterhood of the curly cartel has now been called to order
Oh hadn’t you heard?
Only royalty can rock this kind of headdress so diva.

© Yazmin Monet Watkins
IG: yazminmonetwatkins

My lil sis.

It’s my bday! It’s my shipmates’ bday! Happy bday navy!!! #worldsgreatest #hooyah #navy #workflow #deployment #bday

In the souqs… The local swap meet. #arabiannights

  • Crissle: Anyway, congratulations, Kim. You're no longer married to someone and pregnant by someone else.
  • Dustin: Good for you!
  • Crissle: Yay.
  • Dustin: Now you can go live a miserable life with Kanye, who I know we've all seen those pictures, and it was so funny because like, I-- I saw him earlier today in the shots of him and Kim in New York City this weekend.
  • Kid Fury: Yeah, I was just about to mention that.
  • Dustin: And he always-- I'm sorry.
  • Kid Fury: No, go ahead.
  • Dustin: But he always looks like he just-- like something bad just happened. Like he just got a fucking like, parking ticket or some-- like, he always looks like--
  • Kid Fury: When he's with her.
  • Crissle: Yeah; when he's with her, he looks miserable.
  • Kid Fury: 'Cause you saw those pictures of him the same day with Jay-Z, and he looked gleeful as every gay fuck.
  • Crissle: Maybe Donda is haunting him. Like, every time Kim comes around, Donda always pops in his head like, "Watchu impregnate that white bitch for?"


Malcom X with a camera

Get it on tape




Malcom X with a camera

Get it on tape


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Each one depends on the other. #staymotivated #bedeliberate … It’s morning for me time to get ready for the hard work headed my way. #imfocusedman #numbersdontlie

Yo!!!! They got Popeyes! But it ain’t like home tho! #qatar #jetsetter

Bird’s eye view … Frankfurt, Germany #jetsetter #gonetilnov

Finally out of here! I will miss LA like cray cray. ✈️✈️✈️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ I’m in the wind. See ya in a few. #gonetilnov #outtie5000 #jetsetter #sailorgang

Thank you to The Catch, for being a place that accepts everyone, for always playing the best music, for being there for me when I needed a job, for supporting BLU or anything I did related to the lesbian community, for taking care of the community with your health clinic, and for being an example of a strong black and gay business. Thank you Jewel for everything. I appreciate your presence in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! #legendary #thecatchone

Hurry up and wait. I rarely do selfies, but all this waiting has got me just snapping flix. #sailorgang #navy #hooyah #VA ⚓️⚓️⚓️ #gonetilnov

Wisdom from the throne. This is the reason why I love some #johnwaters #VA

Very sad that a place that has been a stepping stone for many gays in LA is now going to be apart of LA history. 😔