Uhm … Not In a Romantic Way

As I lay and think … She has made it officially hard for the next chick. I apologize in advance to her. Because it’s not her fault I am going to be as hard as I am. I should of be hard with the last one, but I knew what I had. So I didn’t. Just another notch on the bedpost as they say. I have mixed feelings about everything. I need to decide on one thing and just stick with it. Her words recently has pushed me to my most current feelings. I’m done. I’m putting all my hope in a box and putting it in my attic. Putting away all my emotions in a shoebox and pulling it out to reminisce. I got to compartmentalize I’ll be leave and I want to had put all the stupid feelings away. Not bury. But put away. I don’t need them. In time, I might get rid of them all together.

Good Morning …


My kind of President. #TEAMOBAMA

My kind of President. #TEAMOBAMA

this song is so smooth …  

some people … just don’t deserved to be missed… 

My blog post for tonight is this pic. In two days, it would have been the annie of my last relationship. I do feel some way because I loved my ex very deeply. I just don’t think she knew it completely. And thats my fault for not giving more of myself. I am in mourning. It takes a lot to bury something you know there is still something present. It takes a lot to walk away and stay … away. Its heavy. I did it with my 1st gf. Sometimes, you are not the one. Sometimes, your time is up. With my current ex, I feel like my time is up. I had my time and now, its time to go. Move on with my life and let her move on with hers. 

There was a story she told me about a woman and a tiger. If I can recall the story, this woman would had some options of seeing a tiger eat the one she loves or would she rather she her lover move on with someone that makes them happy. 

6 months ago… I rather had the tiger chew up my ex. 

Now.. I just rather see her happy. I would rather the tiger eat me, then have to see her with a new love, but Im just emo like that. (ucantjudgeme) … all in all, I rather her happy with a good person and myself happy as well. 

Im living my life now. Im doing interesting things and meeting all kinds of people. I did things, I didn’t imagine myself doing, no less a year ago. I will always love my ex. plain and simple. Love her like Earthbound. Like rooted. Like a tree loves its home. And I know I will never love anyone the same why. Not saying I won’t love again, I will, I do. But its different every time. 

Good night… 

Song: Kevin Sandbloom - Blues for Bricktop

I love this song right now. They are such a cute couple. I love it!